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Jake Palmer accepts a proposal from a defense contractor and his ragged SEAL teammate to hunt the advice of with the firm on the dying of an engineer assigned to the conclude secret Perseus Mission the pattern of the navigation and focusing on programs for an experimental Navy drone. Two days into the case, Palmer finds Jansen shot ineffective in his office and vows to bring his killer to justice. What he discovers convinces him that both deaths are linked to the mission and that somebody internal the firm is working with terrorists to make a selection out control of the drone throughout a dwell fire take a look at in Afghanistan. With no laborious evidence to enhance his theory, he’s unable to persuade both the firm or the defense drive that an drawing conclude menace exists. After he falls beneath suspicion, his contract is terminated and the police are known as in. Pursued by the police and headed for engagement with a colossal, properly armed terrorist cell led by the firm insider, Palmer is conclude to defeat when he receives serve from the impossible person. With most productive hours to spare, they bound to conclude an assault half of an world away. The Drone Enigma will withhold you on the perimeter of your seat and place you ask every info sage about drones.


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