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Jake Palmer accepts an provide from a protection contractor and his ragged SEAL teammate to debate with the corporate on the loss of life of an engineer assigned to the cease secret Perseus Mission–the enchancment of the navigation and targeting techniques for an experimental Navy drone. Two days into the case, Palmer finds the protection contractor shot ineffective. What he discovers convinces him that the deaths of the protection contractor and the engineer are both connected to the challenge and that anyone inner the corporate is working with terrorists to own management of the drone for the interval of a are residing fire take a look at in Afghanistan. Without a arduous evidence to present a boost to his thought, he’s unable to persuade either the corporate or the Navy that an forthcoming threat exists. Concerned he’s going to disrupt the take a look at, the corporate terminates his contract and notifies the police. Pursued by the police and headed for an engagement with a enormous, neatly-armed terrorist cell led by the corporate insider, Palmer is shut to defeat when he receives support from the no longer possible person. With only hours to spare, they dawdle to cease an assault 1/2 an world away. The Drone Enigma will protect you on the sting of your seat and form you seek recordsdata from each news legend about drones.

15.Ninety five

Rob Now


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