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Bestselling author Richard A. Clarke attracts on his skills as Nationwide Coordinator for Security and Counter-Terrorism to craft a correct-to-life thriller relating to the men and females who provide protection to The United States in opposition to all enemies. . .at every that you would perchance well be in a situation to declare fee. “What Tom Clancy did for submarines, Richard A. Clarke does for drones.”-David MorrellIn Washington, D.C., the Abolish Committee gathers in the White Apartment’s Grief Room to consume the next targets for the US drone program. At an airbase lawful outside Las Vegas, a team of pilots, defense force personnel, and intelligence officers practice by on the committee’s orders, discovering the men who possess been deemed a threat to national security and sentenced to loss of life. “Sting of the Drone is a jet-fueled accelerate by a world the save the sky itself will also be your worst enemy.”-Seattle Publish-IntelligencerMeanwhile, on the opposite side of the arena-in the mountains the save the drones hunt their prey-somebody has made up our minds to fight serve. And now now not lawful in opposition to the unmanned planes that circle their skies, but in opposition to the Americans at dwelling who control them. . .”Insider records of politics paired with astonishing declare-of-the-artwork technical details gas this life like nonstop action thriller.”-Publishers Weekly (starred overview)This version of the book is the deluxe, astronomical rack mass market paperback.


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