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The 20S aspects a entire lot of alternate first for the bike Bluetooth® verbal exchange headset market. One alternate first is the introduction of Bluetooth® four.1 expertise with twin Bluetooth® verbal exchange modules, to create one in all basically the most progressed Bluetooth® headsets available within the market. The recent Bluetooth® expertise increases the performance and reliability of the headset whereas also bearing in mind elevated high definition audio positive. The progressed Audio Multitasking™ lets in for a seamless mix of incoming and outgoing audio to create a blended audio expertise versus the old interruption basically based audio expertise of different Bluetooth® devices. Slimmer audio system to assist fit conveniently into tighter helmets Bluetooth® four.1 Dual Bluetooth® module verbal exchange system Audio Multitasking™ Multi-formula intercom up to Eight connections Community Intercom™ Intercom up to 2.Zero kilometers (1.2 miles) in launch terrain Smartphone App for iPhone and Android Common Intercom™ Edifying Noise Control™ Intuitive teach prompts and teach instructions HD positive crystal determined and natural sound Bluetooth® Audio Recording™ Versatile functions the sigh of motion sensor expertise All-in-one helmet clamp kit Water-resistant to be used in inclement climate Built-in FM radio tuner with a home scan and establish characteristic Bluetooth® pairing for twin mobile phones Bluetooth® handsfree for Bluetooth® mobile phones Bluetooth® stereo headset for Bluetooth® audio devices such as MP3 gamers Bluetooth® stereo headset for Bluetooth® GPS navigations Firmware upgradeable

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