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Obtain doubtlessly the most out of your MacBook Your unique MacBook is swish and extremely effective, and this down-to-earth records makes it more straightforward than ever to navigate, personalize, and maximize what it would enable you to aid out. From taking it out of the box and turning it on for the first time to file storage and security, to downloading apps and dealing with iCloud, MacBook For Dummies helps you thought—multi function save—every thing your pc can enact. Ultra-light, ultra-rapid, and ultra-extremely effective, the MacBook is the coolest pc around, and longtime Mac guru Set L. Chambers is fair the fellow you want showing you the ropes. Internal, he reveals you the answer to navigate the Mac desktop, customize your settings, surf the web and role up e mail, hook into a community, transfer your well-known paperwork from one other PC or Mac, and troubleshoot with ease. You''ll additionally salvage the internal scoop on the stress-free stuff fancy FaceTime video calling, Messages, Reminders, shots, movies, tune, the Mac App Store, and more. Explore the unique OS X Be productive with Keynote and Pages Obtain ingenious with Photos and iMovie Procure pointers for repairs and security Whether you''re a PC convert or a seasoned Apple enthusiast, this book helps you salvage doubtlessly the most of your dazzling MacBook!


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