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Withhold a watch to your tune from the pool with the FUGOO Remote, which is waterproof and is also feeble on a neck lanyard or strapped around your wrist. A to hand, constructed-in bottle opener keeps the birthday celebration transferring. The FUGOO Remote controls FUGOO audio system, and can now not sincere now retain a watch on smartphones and various devices that are connected to FUGOO audio system – perfect for activating Siri or Google Now to your smartphone. Water-resistant Bluetooth Remote All the time wanted to govern your tune from the pool? Now that you may per chance with the FUGOO waterproof Speaker Remote. Wear it to your wrist or on a necklace lanyard, and never effort about the contaminated song coming on on the contaminated time. Withhold a watch to your playlist from all the draw in the course of the room, so you fetch now not want to circulate when that truly expansive dialog impartial should not be interrupted. Oh, and if her beer wants opening, FUGOO Remote Withhold a watch on impartial happens to gather a bottle opener constructed in. FUGOO Remote Withhold a watch on – the all-night, any-scene, swiss-military ideal in remotes. Is it a Glance? Is it a Bracelet? Or is it Merely the Coolest Remote Ever? Desirous about type? No worries – we got this. A excessive-tech bracelet long-established enjoy a gaze of the future, FUGOO’s Remote Withhold a watch on matches with any type, any vibe, any characterize…as prolonged as you’re piece of this century, that is. Expend it in the snow, the rain, on the seaside or that unhurried night birthday celebration. No water, sand, grime, or even champagne blasts will ache your FUGOO Remote or your FUGOO Speaker. The Remote Withhold a watch on is simply one extra innovation in an elite line of FUGOO products designed for the neat, constructed for the advanced, and developed with consolation in mind.

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