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Or no longer it is a melancholy September night in 2008, and three other folk don’t absorb any thought what’s about to hit them … North of Baghdad, Jake Stewart, a legendary Delta Power operator, has tracked the emir of Al Qaeda to his lair and called in a drone strike that can do away with him. Or no longer it is a moment of triumph, however Jake’s easy getting higher from Marla Duncan, a Marine attack helicopter pilot who saved his lifestyles and grew to change into his lover before marrying anyone else. In coastal North Carolina, Jake’s sister Kate teaches anthropology, grieves for her misplaced husband, and feels a hopeful attract Percy Collum, a favored African-American historical past professor who is furthermore Jake’s buddy and Arabic trainer. South of Baghdad, Omar Rashid, an Iraqi farmer and pale resistance fighter, has been rescued from jail by a mysterious community after a year of humiliation and torture. He’s headed home, having a peek ahead to a still lifestyles alongside with his spouse and youth. Then, all of sudden, Jake and Omar are hit by shocks that upend their lives and place aside them on a collision direction. As their paths converge, Kate, Percy and Marla are inexorably drawn into the escalating spiral of apprehension and war. Without warning, they absorb to all face the darkness in their very absorb pasts as they make picks that will likely be tragic or redemptive for them – and for The US, as it races in direction of election eve.

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