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Troy Pearce and his elite team of drone consultants are known as in when rising tensions between China and Japan threaten to dramatically trade the geopolitical native climate of the enviornment. When China stakes a uncertain claim within the hotly disputed waters of the East China Sea, the head minister of Japan threatens to dispatch the nation s naval property and paddle up its antiwar constitution unless the Americans forcefully intervene. The battle-weary Americans are reluctant to confront the extremely tremendous Chinese language navy straight away, but if the Eastern provoke a militia warfare with their ancient enemy, treaty tasks would blueprint the United States into the fight. In remark to deescalate the first foreign policy disaster of his administration, U.S. president Lane dispatches Troy Pearce and his team to Tokyo to defuse the challenge. What they secure is a quagmire of hawkish politicians, nationalistic fervor, special interests with their very private hidden agendas, and maybe the finest militia threat that The US has ever faced. On this treacherous atmosphere it will require all of Pearce s cunning and his team s technological prowess to separate the truth from misdirection, and cease the enviornment from plunging into battle.


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