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[A] considerate examination of the dilemmas this unusual weapon poses.” — Foreign Affairs Drones are altering the behavior of battle. Deployed at presidential discretion, they are able to also moreover be old in authorized battle zones or to execute other folks in such worldwide locations as Yemen and Somalia, the put the united states is now now not formally at battle. Advocates dispute that drones are more true than mature bombers, allowing war with minimal civilian deaths while keeping American pilots out of ache’s design. Critics dispute that drones are cowardly and that they on the total execute innocent civilians while terrorizing complete villages on the ground. In this book, Hugh Gusterson explores the significance of drone war from a few views, drawing on accounts by drone operators, victims of drone assaults, anti-drone activists, human rights activists, worldwide lawyers, journalists, defense force thinkers, and academic experts. Gusterson examines the manner drone war has created commuter warriors and redefined the residence of the battlefield. He appears to be to be like on the paradoxical combine of closeness and distance fascinated by distant killing: is it more straightforward than killing any individual on the physical battlefield even as you occur to’d admire to fetch onscreen? He suggests a peculiar design of figuring out the talk over civilian casualties of drone assaults. He maps “ethical slippage” over time in the Obama administration’s focusing on practices. And he contrasts Obama administration officials’ lawful justification of drone assaults with arguments by worldwide lawyers and N

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